Most virus cases in Bahrain are stable or recovered

Bahrain confirms the recovery of 726 people from Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection in the Kingdom yesterday.

Out of the 1011 confirmed COVID-19 active cases reported, 1008 individuals are stable, while three are in critical condition. Total recorded deaths from Coronavirus infection, as of now, are seven.

The Kingdom, which has one of the highest testing rates per capita in the world, tested a total of 79,612 people for COVID-19 symptoms as of yesterday.

Methods employed include selecting citizens and residents randomly to test for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), on a daily basis, as part of a comprehensive national response to the global spread of the virus.

Bahrain also garnered the recognition of the World Health Organisation for its agile response.

A CNBC report credits Bahrain’s success not only to the lockdown measures employed but also to the deployment of sophisticated technology, ensuring that movement is limited and social distancing is in place.

The report also states that Bahrain’s ‘BeAware’, which allows residents to track proximity to someone with COVID-19, are contributing greatly to the government’s effort to battle the virus. The application uses location data to alert individuals in the event they approach an active case.

The stringent measures, which have slowed down the rate of infection, had also made Bahrain one of the first few nations in the world to ease restrictions, allowing some of the stores and malls to reopen. Shoppers and employees are required to wear masks while outside, a Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism statement said. Failing will attract a fine of BD 10,000 and a three-month jail term.

Public gatherings over more than five people are also prohibited, and everyone is urged to stay at home unless necessary, the ministry added.


Bahrain was also the first Arab country to join the WHO’s “Solidarity Trial” to find an effective treatment for the virus.


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