Movie Review: Black Panther is ready to leap!

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The second most anticipated film of the year, ‘Black Panther’ will hit the theatres within hours. Gulf Insider team went to the premiere of the movie at Vox Cinemas amidst the ardent fans of the Marvel comics.

A visual treat from Ryan Coogler with remarkable cinematography, Black Panther will become a milestone among superhero movies. The visuals will transport even the non- Marvel comics’ fans to Wakanda, ‘…whose Sunset is the most beautiful in the whole world.’

Chadwick Boseman, Michael B.Jordan, Danai Gurira and Letitia Wright have lived in their characters. Along with them, the costume designers, hairstylists and makeup artists have created a poem on the visual in exaltation of black beauty.

Speaking of the celebration of black beauty, the movie is indeed a proud depiction of the culture, myths and the heritage of Africa.  All through the movie, the native accent was maintained to add a fresh charm.  There is hope that Black Panther will be a forerunner to the Black-generated movies in the future.

Ryan Coogler, the first African American filmmaker to direct a Marvel film in 10 years, hasn’t failed to show that a so-called third world country like Wakanda can remain superior to any first world country with natural resources and advanced technologies. They only need to remain untouched by colonizers to attain that status. All through the movie, there is an undertone of regret of lost glory due to its colonization in the earlier centuries.

This is the only disagreeable message on the entire theme- the avoidable accusation of nationalities who belonged  to the earlier colonizers’ race.  As several times mentioned in the movie, the world is coming together into a global community and is it necessary to celebrate the superiority of a race over another? The script has failed to convey the message of harmonious existence. This could have done through effective dialogues and a stronger story line during the elongated scenes.

Over all, the ‘Black Panther’ is ready to leap into new realms of Hollywood. Here’s the warning that the association with Walt Disney movies doesn’t  make ‘Black Panther’ as children’s movie.  Children might enjoy the visuals and the effects that an I-Max 3D can offer, however it is doubtful if they will follow the storyline and theme. Those who love superhero action fantasies shouldn’t miss this graphic delight.

by Dhanyasree M. 

Dhanya is Account Manager at Gulf Insider Media. She loves traveling, reading and writing. Watch out for more of her movie reviews and travel blogs here. 


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