MPs demand panel to study population

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Eleven lawmakers called to form a temporary parliamentary panel to study the issue of population imbalance and rampant visa trading. The lawmakers claim that the number of expatriates in Kuwait has increased to “abnormal” levels because of the government’s failure to provide employment to nationals and also the lack of teeth to confront visa trading. Kuwaiti nationals are now a minority comprising of only 30% of the country’s population.

A number of MPS have strongly criticized the presence of a large number of expatriates and some of them even directly attacked foreigners and called for imposing taxes on them.

There is also a call to naturalize 34,000 stateless people or “bedoons”, as the government says they are entitled to Kuwaiti citizenship. MP Abdullah Fahhad said that he has high hopes that the issue of the 120,000 bedoons will be resolved when the central agency for bedoons is established from the interior ministry.


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