Mr. Georgios Antoniou, Honorary Consul(Czech Republic) speaks to Gulf Insider

Mr. Georgios Antoniou, Honorary Consul of Czech Republic
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We have signed bilateral agreements with the Kingdom of Bahrain on Avoidance of Double Taxations, Protection of Investment, Air Traffic Agreement, Medical, Education, opened a section in Sh. Isa National Library of Czech Books.

We provide assistance for Bahraini citizens and residents in Bahrain for travel, medical, certification of several documents like translation, verification of signature and legalization of documents. We are supporting the Czech community in Bahrain by providing all the necessary assistance and support in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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We had a recent visit from our Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic to Bahrain in the month of October 2019. This meeting was to reflect the depth of the friendly relations between the two countries and the development of bilateral ties at all levels and keenness of both sides to develop all the aspects of cooperation and mutual coordination on issues of common concern.


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