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Mr. Konstantinos Pallikaropoulos, Honorary Consul(Greece) speaks to Gulf Insider

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In recent years there are many cultural and trade activities between Bahrain and Greece, mostly based on private interests.

Greek agricultural and dairy products are imported and distributed in the Bahrain market. Greek professionals of various sectors have selected to offer their services in the friendly environment of Bahrain. In the past, there were visits of Greek groups and entertainers who performed in Bahrain at private and public venues. The presence of Greeks in most of the relevant official exhibitions of products and services (like jewelry, real estate, educational, etc.) was noticeable in recent years. Greeks, Cypriots and other expatriates of Greek origin and those speaking the Greek language has formed a Hellenic community that supports and organizes relevant community social events. Gulf Air has direct flights to Greece and both countries have simplified the visa system to facilitate the movement of visitors.

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In 2019 the new Greek Ambassador in Kuwait, His Excellency Mr. Konstantinos  Piperigos, who is also covering Bahrain, has concluded the process of submitting his credentials in Kuwait and is expected to submit the same to Bahrain Authorities very soon.


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