NASA targets Nov 14 for delayed Artemis 1 Moon launch

Nasa aims to launch the Artemis 1 Moon rocket on November 14 after previous attempts were disrupted by technical issues and extreme weather.

The US space agency’s mission has faced a number of delays, most recently due to safety concerns over Hurricane Ian, which struck Florida.

The 101-metre Space Launch System rocket, with the Orion spacecraft on top of it, was rolled back to the Vehicle Assembly Building in Kennedy Space Centre to shelter it from the storm.

Nasa said it will transport the rocket back to the launch pad on November 4.

“Artemis I is an uncrewed flight test to launch SLS and send Orion around the Moon and back to Earth to thoroughly test its system before flights with astronauts,” Nasa said in a statement on Wednesday.

There is a 69-minute launch window on November 14 that opens at 12.07am EST, or 8.07pm GST.

There are also back-up dates for November 16 and November 19, both of which offer a two-hour launch window.


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