NBB announces winners of Al Watani savings scheme

The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has announced the winners of the second Quarterly prize during the month of September 2020 who have won substantial cash prizes totaling USD 500,000.

The Bank informed the lucky four winners of the second quarterly draw, each receiving a prize of USD 100,000, and the four September winners of the Al Watani Savings Scheme who received a prize of USD 25,000 each, by sharing the winner’s announcement on the Bank’s social media platforms and contacting them personally to share the news.

The fortunate four winners of the USD 100,000 quarterly prize are: Huda Abdulaziz Abdulla Ebrahim, Mariam Abdulaziz Yusif Mahmood, Sayed Najah Abbas Ebrahim Maki and Fatema Saeed Mubarak Al Binali.

The lucky four winners of the USD 25,000 monthly prize are: Najeeba Sayed Ali Hashem Sharaf, Walaa Hani Abdulwahed Mohsen, Hameeda Abdulla Hussain Almadhoob and Mohammed Adeel Mohammed Ajmal.

The winners shared their enthusiasm and heartfelt gratitude for their win, and expressed their appreciation towards NBB for launching campaigns of this nature, especially during these difficult times. When contacted via phone, the winners stated that the news of their win has contributed to spreading happiness and joy amongst themselves and their families. 

As part of the 2020 Campaign, NBB customers, including Express Savers and SaveWave subscribers eligible for Al Watani Savings Scheme, require a minimum balance of BHD 50 in their bank accounts in order to be eligible for the competition. Those taking part in the scheme will have access to four monthly prizes worth USD 25,000 each, alongside of four semi-annual prizes worth USD 100,000, in addition to the revamped December 2020 Dream Prize of USD 1,000,000, USD 500,000 and USD 250,000, to be awarded to three lucky winners.


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