NBB Launches ‘Tap & Go’ Services Across Its Largest ATM Network

In line with its strategy to enhance and elevate the customer’s experience, NBB announces launching the ‘Tap & Go’ services across its largest ATM network in the Kingdom, with an aim to further ease withdrawals and inquiry processes.

The service will encompass all Near-Field Communication (NFC) enabled bank card types from all Banks across the Kingdom, including debit, credit, and prepaid cards that support the contactless functionality, and will be available to NBB cardholders as well as non-NBB cardholders across the Bank’s entire network of ATM’s, with NBB clients given the option to select their preferred language.

The ‘Tap & Go’ service, created to make transactions quicker and simpler, was designed to provide customers with faster card use while maintaining stringent measures to ensure transactional security. PIN entry will be required to allow access to cardholders’ accounts and for any and all withdrawals and transactions, and as part of NBB’s continuous efforts to ensure customer safety and security, bank cards are now required to be tapped to authenticate customers’ identities and avoid their cards being captured.

Chief Executive of Retail Banking at NBB, Subah Abdullatif Al-Zayani, commented on the launch of the service, saying: “NBB is continuously leading the sector in developing innovative solutions focused on enhancing our customers’ experience. We are committed to delivering new digital services and ensuring a secure and convenient customer journey, while maintaining all the necessary safety and security measures first and foremost. The new added features aim to back NBB’s initiatives to further simplify and cement the adaptation of contactless transactions, as well as making a tangible impact on the reduction of (COVID-19) spread.”

“We care deeply about our customers and continuously strive towards providing the very best products and services to ensure a facilitated, safe, and satisfying banking experience. And with the introduction of the new ‘Tap & Go’ features, we remain committed to digitising and improving our existing services, making them more relevant and suitable to our customers’ needs,” he added.

The ‘Tap & Go’ contactless payment system serves to provide NBB’s customers with a quick, safe payment method designed to enhance customer experience and improve overall service efficiency, while maintaining user data security in line with the Bank’s mandate to embrace digitalisation as a core pillar of its transformation strategy and facilitate Kingdom-wide financial transactional efficiency. For more information, please visit


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