Netflix secret codes to unlock scores of hidden films and TV shows

Hours can be wasted scrolling through the Netflix home page searching for the perfect film or television show to watch and wind down to.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as a secret list of codes can unlock dozens of hidden categories and take you directly to the genre the user fancies.

From cult comedies to action thrillers, users can search for hyper-specific genres by searching for a special code or adding it to the end of their URL.

Netflix uses an algorithm which customises each subscriber’s homepage experience by collecting data about the user’s interests and their viewing history.

This means only a minority of Netflix’s collection is available to view without the special codes.

Users can find general categories like Reality TV (9833), Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy (1568) or Late Night Comedies (1402).

The codes can be used to discover even more obscure genres from BMX & Extreme Riding (4582) to Romantic Foreign Movies (7153).


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