New BMW 330i

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Gulf Insider drives a motoring icon.

It isn’t exaggerating to say that the BMW 3 Series is a motoring icon that has become a standard by which other manufacturers judge their own cars against. There are few other such icons but they include the VW Golf, Porsche 911, Range Rover, and Mercedes S-Class. With this in mind, BMW markets their cars as “the Ultimate Driving Machine” – so they have to be better than just good. The company certainly won’t risk messing with the 3 Series and so this new generation of the 3 series is not a revolution but an evolution on the previous generation. That said, its component parts are almost entirely different from the last model, with the exception of engines and transmissions – but these have also been improved.

BMW’s already super smooth 2 liter 4 cylinder now offers even better efficiency, and power has grown to 255 hp and 295 lb-ft, offering zero to 100 kph in 5.6 seconds. The M Sport Plus package comes with adaptive damping, 19-inch wheels, M Sport e-differential and upgraded brakes. The suspension and drive train have more aluminum, and the hood and front wings are now aluminum helping make the car lighter. The ride is notably taut. The steering’s sharp and accurate.

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I was able to enter sharp corners at ease, the car just handled so well and felt solid at all times. The body is stiffer and larger. In fact the 3-series keeps getting bigger. Today’s model may be only slightly bigger than the last model, but seven generations of incremental size increases have resulted in it’s now being roughly the size of a 2003 5 Series. It’s certainly big enough with plenty of adult-size rear legroom, and there’s also a generous sized boot with folding seat-backs if you need more space. Quietness and refinement are superb.

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The center console follows the usual BMW layout and includes the rotary iDrive knob that enables the driver to operate functions without having to look down. There’s a new cloud-connected voice-command system called Intelligent Personal Assistant that allows you to say “Hey BMW” followed by a speech command. There’s high-def screens and ambient lighting strips and lots of metallic highlights. So, if you want a mid-sized car offering it all – refinement, engagement, luxury, and style – from one of the world’s most prestigious car companies that has dominated this segment of the market for literally decades, then this latest 3-Series may be exactly what you are looking for

Starting prices in Bahrain: BD 23,500

Dealership Warranty and Maintenance Coverage:
5 Years Warranty or 100,000 kms
5 Years Warranty or 200,000 kms
Free insurance and registration 1st year

To arrange a test drive in Bahrain contact, BMW EuroMotors on +973 17 750 750.



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