A New iMac Rival?

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Take a look at the gorgeous new computer that could potentially rival the iMac.

There are desktop computers, and then there’s the Microsoft Surface Studio. This computer is designed for the creative process with a 28” Pixel Sense Display that gives you a huge canvas for all kinds of work. You can use it upright or draw on it like a drafting table. The incredibly thin display lets you visualize ideas as you paint, edit, and design. You can then watch those ideas leap off the screen with 13.5 million pixels of vivid color and clarity.

This is Microsoft’s first-ever desktop PC running Microsoft 10. Microsoft’s promise is that “every Surface device takes full advantage of every current innovation”. With Intel core processors, and an NVIDIA® GeForce® dGPU (graphics processing unit), plus up to 32GB of RAM, your work gets backed up with professional grade power and performance.

A standout feature of the Surface Studio is a flexible hinge that allows the desktop to fold down nearly flat, (which artists, architects, and other creative would appreciate). In terms of positioning flexibility, the Surface Studio wins over iMac. The Surface Studio is also compatible with the Surface Pen, Microsoft’s Stylus accessory. It also has the thinnest LCD monitor ever built, at just 12.5 millimeters.


Making Work Accessible

The Surface Studio is perfect for remote work, or conglomerates with branches abroad because of its 1080p camera and speakers powered by Premium Dolby Audio which will make video calls feel like face-to face meetings. It also features the enterprise-grade security of Windows Hello2, which quickly signs you in with just a look.

This computer will also come in handy after work as you and your friends can watch movies in the generously wide screen. You can also play your favorite games with a paired Xbox Wireless 3 controller. The Surface Studio computer can seamlessly integrate the whole family. Your kids can use the Studio to draw pictures and play World of Warcraft while you can use this to edit documents or videos. Reviewers have claimed that this computer “makes you want to do cool stuff”.

This pricey desktop Windows PC comes in at $2,999.00 starting price. The most expensive version is $4,199, packing an Intel Core i7, 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. In this price range and with the flexible hinge and Dial accessory, the Surface Studio is aimed squarely at creative professionals. Do you think its high price is justified?


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