New luggage handling fee at Muscat airport

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Oman Airports will charge a fee for manual handling of baggage at the Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport from July 15.

The fee will be charged to minimise the number of baggage carried by travellers and to avoid those that do not conform to standard size and weight.

The new decision seeks to increase the efficiency of ground handling services provided through Oman Airports.

The company pointed out that the fee will cover the additional services needed for handling baggage which scanners may not be able to read electronically or that do not fit to be put on the conveyor belts.

As per international norms, the rule excludes strollers, wheelchairs and certain special bags such as golf bags.

The company said it is grateful to all passengers who had adhered to its decision on baggage specifications last year. The decision was to regulate the quality of bags received by the airports of Oman.

In accordance with international regulations, the airport had disallowed ‘non-flat bags’, circular or polygonal shaped luggage.


Source Credit: Muscat Daily


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