New SMS service to find owner obstructing your vehicle in Dubai

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The Dubai Police have launched a smart service that will allow people to report vehicles which obstruct movement by parking behind other vehicles at parking lots. Brigadier-General Khalid Nasser Abdul Razzaq Al Razzouqi, director-general of smart services at the Dubai Police, said the launch of the service is aimed at raising public awareness and warning them via SMS. He explained that the service is available to all segments of the public who use the Dubai Police smart application. “They can enter the vehicle number plate which obstruct traffic at parking lots and the Dubai Police will inform the owner of the vehicle through a text message to remove the vehicle.”

Brig-Gen Al Razzouqi said the service aims to notify the owner of the vehicle that he is obstructing the traffic as a precautionary measure and give him sufficient time to move the vehicle. In case of non-response, the violation will be recorded, he said, noting that some people do not care about the time of others. He explained that this service will reduce the pressure on the operations room where people call to report minor irregularities.

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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