New taxes, fees to be introduced in Oman

Beautiful beach near Al Mughsayl, Oman.
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Muscat Municipality has announced plans to introduce new fees and taxes for individuals and businesses based in the Omani capital.

The plans, which come into effect in February, include an up to 2 per cent increase in electricity prices based on usage, according to state-run Oman News Agency.

Those with a monthly bill lower than OMR25 ($65) will be charged a 0.5 per cent fee, those with a bill between OMR25 and OMR50 ($130) a 1 per cent fee and those with a bill of more than OMR50 a 2 per cent fee.

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Other measures include taxes on international hotels and restaurants and tourist and entertainment centres.

These include a 10 per cent tax on original ticket prices at entertainment centres, halls, games areas, cinemas, theatres, concerts and museums.

Facilities rated as first class by the municipality including hotels, hotel apartments, furnished apartments, youth hostels, camps, recreation parks, car parks, trailers, restaurants and international cafes and restaurants will also pay a 5 per cent tax on prices charged.

Oman has been among the most affected countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council by the decrease in oil prices over the last three years.

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The country is projecting a OMR3bn ($7.79bn) deficit this year after introducing several austerity measures in 2016 and 2017 including the lifting of fuel subsidies and tax hikes.

It will also follow the UAE and Saudi Arabia by introducing a 5 per cent value added tax rate in 2019.

Source Credit: Gulf Business


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