New UAE Google hub seeks to capture imagination of technology-hooked pupils

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UAE University is to work with Google to develop a technology lab that seeks to turn young people’s obsession with phones and gadgets into a desire to create their own products and businesses.

Students aged between eight and 24 from across Abu Dhabi emirate will be invited to visit the center, which uses hands-on experiments to pique their interest. Google will train all of the center’s staff.

One of the main focuses will be to teach so-called machine learning, which Google used to develop Google Translate, and its search engine app Go Google. The user simply states what they are looking for and the results appear on the screen, as with Apple’s Siri.

One success to date was Tensor Flow – owned by Google – was used by a Japanese family to develop a cucumber business, said Selim Edde, head of public policy and government relations for Google in the Middle East and North Africa

“In Japan, cucumber prices differ based on its size and flexibility, so a young man went on Tensor Flow and created a program to triage the cucumbers; he did it by himself, we did not have to create a program specialized with cucumbers.”

Source Credit: The National
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