New UAE law gives hope to maids

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Housemaids are desperately waiting for the new domestic workers’ law to be implemented, as many claim they are overworked by their employers. The UAE Federal National Council (FNC) has approved the draft law; however, it is yet to come into effect. The law, which aims to protect the rights of domestic workers, states that they have the right to a weekly rest day and be compensated adequately if he or she has to work on an off day. The worker is also entitled to an annual leave of 30 days every year.

One housemaid, Josefina Lopez de Guzman, said that her previous employer did not give her a single holiday. “I worked for a family two years ago, who also didn’t give any days off. They didn’t give my gratuity either when I left. It’s very difficult being a single mother. My children are in the Philippines and I haven’t had enough money to pay for their schooling.”

Another Filipina housemaid, Jennilyn Sopranes, also had a similar experience, where she was not getting any days off. The mother of two also resigned from her last employer due to the heavy workload and no time off. “When this new law comes into effect, we’ll be able to stand up for our rights. The rights that have been given to us in this law, will be written in our contracts,” Sopranes said.

Source: Khaleej Times
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