New UAE traffic fine: Dh3,000 for speeding

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The new traffic law to come into effect on July 1 will reduce the number of deaths on the roads and the results can be seen after the law’s implementation, senior police officers across the country have said.

According to the new law, the fine for crossing speed limits by less than 20kmph is Dh300 while it is Dh3,000 for going over 80kph over the speed limit. Maj-Gen Al Zafein added, “Some drivers don’t agree on having harsher penalties but when they learn of the reason behind the rules, they will realise that the law works only in their favour and will save lives.”

“Our aim is your safety; [it’s not] to fine you,” Maj Khatr said. And this, he said, will not be achieved unless there is a strong deterrent to poor driving practices.


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