New Venue Announced for Bahrain For All Festival

Bahrain For All Festival
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Bahrain Bay will be the new venue for annual Bahrain For All festival, which will bring together more than 50,000 people from over 40 local and expatriate communities to showcase their respective cultures.

Held under the theme Leaving Nobody Behind, this year’s event will take place on 6th and 7th February(Thursday-Friday) on the 7,000 sqm site, which will house more than 250 market stalls and a 128 sqm stage that will feature performances by the Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Jordanian, Thai, Bangladeshi, and Egyptian communities, among others.

Organizer Nivedita Dhadphale said: “For the first time, this year’s Bahrain For All festival will be held in Bahrain Bay, a location that offers excellent access, ample parking, and gorgeous views of the sea. It presents a modern face of Bahrain, which is in line with our mission to showcase the multicultural, cosmopolitan, and tolerant nature of Bahraini society. We are deeply grateful to the management team of Bahrain Bay who has been extremely cooperative.”

The event, now in its ninth year, gives Bahrain’s communities the opportunity to learn about each other’s’ customs and traditions, sample each other’s’ cuisines, and watch performances highlighting what makes each of them unique. It also supports local entrepreneurs, with market stalls dedicated to Bahraini businesses and productive families.

The event line-up also features live performances by several local DJs and emcees, with a line up to be announced soon. Children with special needs, women’s groups, and senior citizens’ societies are invited every year to promote the festival’s message of inclusion for all. The Ministry of Interior, this year celebrating 100 years of Bahrain Police, has offered its popular Police Band, as well as a horse parade.


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