New Year Resolutions…

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Mr. Wajdi Al Jallad, Managing Director of Keypoint shares his new year resolutions.

If, like me, you set New Year’s Resolutions every year, do you set personal goals or do you set business goals as well? For me, business-oriented goals are at least as important as personal goals. Of course, some personal goals – like eating better or doing more exercise – have a beneficial impact on work performance and some business resolutions – maintaining a better work-life balance or doing a daily digital detox – can positively impact personal relationships.

Here, then, in no particular order, are some of the New Year Resolutions I have set myself for 2020:

Stay tuned in – we live in a region which is as connected and which is changing as quickly as anywhere else in the world. There is hope of significant regional growth this year with trade tensions lessening and the oil price at last solidifying. But we have to have the necessary tools – and perhaps the most important of those tools is data. Only by staying connected are you going to have the information you need to make the right decisions and build your competitive advantage.

Be positive – being optimistic almost always has a positive impact on the people around you. Increased productivity can have an enormous effect on overall performance. In an office of over 100 professionals, a 10% performance boost is the equivalent of 10 additional employees!

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Align your digital presence with your tactical objectives – While it may not make sense to invest time and effort in every digital media, there are digital windows – such as websites, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – where it is critical to have a clearly thought-out strategy based on joined-up thinking.

Communicate more effectively – in a multi-lingual marketplace, it can sometimes be difficult to get your message across. Misunderstandings – which can be due to either poor listening (see point 1) or the inability to clearly explain what you want done – impact morale and waste significant time and effort. Being an active listener is important – but so is being able to engage your brain before you start talking and making sure that you are clear on what you want.

Be tidy – it is not just a tidy desk that is often the sign of a tidy mind. We all need to play a part in making the office environment as welcoming and and as professional as possible. Ensure plants are well fed and watered and kept as healthy as possible. Lighten office spaces by using flashes of colour wherever possible.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance – our clients are the lifeblood of our business. But our professionals are the brains and the heart! We want our professionals to be happy in their jobs – and proud of the work they are doing. This means making an effort not just to celebrate achievements in the office and building closer teams – but also ensuring that our people have the time and energy to celebrate with their families.

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Encourage teamwork – rather than holding unproductive meetings that are bad for morale and add no value, how about exploring collaborative spaces that give teams the opportunity to work collectively? Encouraging teamwork – perhaps by transforming a boardroom into a space that encourages teamwork and allows teams to work on projects in a meaningful way – is a fundamental way of empowering leaders throughout the organisation.

Innovate incrementally – innovation is not just about doing new things – it also means doing the same thing in new and more effective ways. While doing something in a certain way might be the best way of doing it, simply doing it that way because that is how it has always been done is rarely the answer. Encourage team to come up with alternative ways of getting things done – apart from anything else, involving teams increases productivity and morale.

Finally – a warning: apparently, most resolutions are dropped by the end of February. Check back then to see how many of these resolutions we have managed to keep at Keypoint.


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