“No Food, No Pay” 800 Indian workers stranded in Oman

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After the 5 rials (around Rs 800) given by the Indian embassy on Tuesday to meet emergencies exhausts, we will be again in the same situation. No money even for emergencies. Uncertainty on what to do is haunting us a lot.

These were the words of around 800 Indian workers who are stranded in an industrial town in Oman, without proper food, drinking water, shelter and valid work permit cards for the last few weeks.

“Now, the embassy and Oman government have put forward three options. One is to get a no objection certificate from the employer and return to India. The second is to get a local release and find a new job in Oman itself and third is to stay back and pursue the case in a personal capacity,” a worker said. “The proposals look fine at this moment. But we are worried. We have to fight a case and wait to get the money we have worked hard for. Isn’t this unfair,” a worker asked.

Source Credit: The Quint
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