Now hiring: hot sectors and in-demand jobs in the UAE

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The build-up to Expo 2020 Dubai and the introduction of value-added tax have brightened the new outlook for hiring in the UAE. According to Vice-President Suhail Masri, Vice-President of Employer Solutions at, the hiring forecast shows a continuation of a strong job market in the UAE and the prospect of many more job openings to come. A recent Bayt survey revealed that more than a third -36%- of those planning to hire in the UAE are looking for more than five job roles.

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In the accounts and finance industry, 89% of CFOs predict that they will either maintain the size of their permanent teams and fill vacated positions (49%) or expand by adding new positions (40%). Only 4% of companies said they will reduce their finance teams.

The majority, 85% of CFOs are concerned about losing top financial professionals to other job opportunities in the year ahead. On average, employers predict that salaries for accounting and finance professionals will rise by 5.8%. Bonus payments are following a similar trend.

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Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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