Number of expat workers in Oman drops by 17%

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The number of expatriates working in Oman has dropped by 17 per cent by the end of October 2020, according to National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

According to NCSI, the total expat work force in the country stands at 1,435,070 compared to 1,712,798 last year.

Figures from NCSI showed that 1,138,478 expatriates were working in private sector till the end of October 2020. Figures also showed that there have been 42,895 foreign workers in various government sectors, while 253,697 people were registered in family and dependents sector.

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Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour has received 7,689 requests from expatriates who wish to leave the country for good without paying any fines or fees, since online registration began on November 15. A total of 3,263 expatriates have already left their jobs, 408 have no work permits and 253 of them had their work permit cancelled.

The scheme which ends on December 31 is expected to help hundreds of undocumented workers.



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