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Oman: 161 companies questioned for violating Omanisation law

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The Ministry of Manpower has announced that it has taken action against 161 establishments employing 6,959 people for not hiring Omani nationals.

The Ministry added that the companies in question had employed more than 40 workers each, but not one of them was an Omani citizen, in violation of the Sultanate’s Omanisation policy.

“The Ministry of Manpower stopped dealing with 161 establishments in the private sector as a result of its non-commitment to employ national manpower. The ministry indicated that the establishments that they have stopped dealing with have a foreign labour force of more than 40 workers in a number of Omani governorates,” MoM said in statement

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The ministry said: “In case of non-compliance with the Omanisation rate prescribed and determined by at least 10 per cent, the Ministry will take the necessary legal action.”



Source Credit: Times of Oman


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