Oman: 90% of COVID-19 Recoveries Without Hospitalization

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More than 90 per cent of those recovering from COVID-19 in Oman were able to do so without going to the hospital, a senior doctor from the Ministry of Health has said.

According to the latest data issued by the ministry, 750 of the total of 2,568 people infected by the novel coronavirus in the Sultanate have successfully recovered from the disease. Twelve people have died from COVID-19.

According to Dr Mariam Al Hinai, a consultant family physician at the Ministry of Health, the vast majority of cases in the country required no hospitalisation. At present, only 65 COVID-19 patients are hospitalised, while a further 17 have been admitted to intensive care units (ICUs).

“Most of the COVID-19 cases in Sultanate are being treated at home and almost 90 per cent of recovered cases have done so from home with no need to be hospitalised,” she explained.

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Patients who go to the health centres for COVID testing have their symptoms checked, as well as their medical history and details of past travel. They are also asked if they’ve been in contact with others who’ve been infected by COVID-19 and other diseases. If a person’s case history and medical symptoms do suggest the presence of coronavirus, they will be taken to an isolation room in the corner of the health centre.


Should the person test positive for COVID-19, the examining doctor will classify the intensity of his disease as one of three conditions: mild, moderate and severe.

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“This assessment will guide the doctor to refer the case for further evaluation and management by specialised teams in hospitals,” explained Mariam Al Hinai. “The hospital will be contacted regarding the case and infection prevention and control measures will be adopted while he is taken there in an ambulance.

“If the patient’s situation is mild or stable, he will be sent home and advised to obey strict medical isolation measures. Treatment for the symptoms present will also be provided. The results of the swab tests done to check the presence of COVID-19 are normally available two days after they’re conducted. Patients are informed of the results of their tests once their doctors have received the results.” she said.



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