Oman Air to boost flights to Qatar

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National carrier Oman Air will fly larger capacity planes to Doha after some countries suspended flights to Qatar. Additionally Oman Air has dedicated three charter flights to Qatar Airways to operate sectors Muscat/Jeddah/Muscat from Tuesday.

“Qatar Airways operations are running as normal with no disruptions in flights with the exception of those to the four countries Qatar Airways has been restricted to fly to. “In response to these restrictions Qatar Airways has arranged for three chartered flights departing Jeddah on Tuesday at 16.00, 22.00, and 23.00 local time, to Muscat to assist stranded Qatari passengers making their way to King Abdulaziz International Airport to avail these flights,” said a statement from Qatar Airways.

The official also said travel time between Qatar and Muscat may increase with some GCC countries closing their airspace for flights from Qatar. “Some flights are now taking two hours to reach Doha from Muscat,” a leading travel agent in Muscat said. Oman Air and Qatar Airways fly non-stop between Muscat and Doha.

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