Oman: Alarming growth in divorce cases

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Oman reported an alarming increase in the number of divorce cases over the last year.

According to official statistics, 3,837 divorce cases have been filed in the country, an average of 10 cases every day and an increase of 12 per cent or 411 cases compared to the year before 2020. Reports said that 67 per cent of the divorce cases were initiated by women.

In 2020, divorce rates in Oman also rose by almost 50 per cent, compared to the previous year, with pressures caused by the pandemic thought to be the main cause.

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At least 3,426 divorce certificates were issued in Oman in 2020, which came up to about nine a day. Muscat recorded the highest number of divorces, at 796, followed by North Al Batinah (672), while Musandam had the lowest number of divorces (18).

According to recent studies, divorce is increasing among young people and groups with low educational and economic levels. In most cases of divorces initiated by women in the Sultanate, denial of parity in marriage partnership or a shift in the gender role expectations are also cited as the reasons.


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