Oman Blacklists Nearly 40 Universities Worldwide

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Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education has put 39 names on a blacklist of fake universities in an attempt to stop students from mistakenly applying to them.

These ‘universities’ are present only online, and exist to cheat people out of their hard-earned money in exchange for fake degrees unrecognised by official bodies,

66% of these universities claimed to be listed in the US, making it the location of choice the bogus universities used while trying to lure students. A total of 26 fake universities have US locations, a further seven are in India, and another six universities are distributed across other nations.

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The names of the fake universities in the US are Kingsbridge University, Corllins University, Columbus University, University of Atlanta, Baytown University, South Creek University, The American University of London, the American University of Hawaii and the Atlantic International University.

In 2018, the ministry uncovered 20 cases of people who had fake certificates. Since 1975 more than 1,250 cases of fake qualifications have been put in front of the Ministry of Higher Education.


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