Oman: Coastguards Seize More Than 1,200 Cans of Alcohol off Musandam

Oman’s coastguard seized more than 1,200 cans of alcohol from smugglers off the coast of Musandam on Tuesday. Omani police said the coastguard worked with Musandam police officers to seize the boat carrying three people and the contraband. The suspected smugglers are of “Asian nationality”, the force said but provided no further details.

“Legal procedures are being completed against them,” it added. Musandam is Oman’s northernmost governorate and juts into the Strait of Hormuz as an enclave of the UAE. Oman’s 3,165km coastline, the longest in the Arabian Peninsula, is difficult to patrol because of its length and the number of vessels passing through.

Omani authorities frequently seize smuggled alcohol at its ports and arrest people accused of selling the contraband. Omani customs seized more than 16,000 bottles of alcohol at Al Wajajah port last February.

Drinking alcohol is legal for those aged 21 or over in Oman. Non-Muslims are allowed to sell alcohol with a permit. In 2021, the coastguard foiled an attempt to smuggle more than 40 tonnes of crystal meth through Musandam. The haul was hidden in rice bags by Asian smugglers.


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