Oman: Continued Heavy Rain Predicted in Dhofar Region

Omani authorities Sunday predicted further heavy rains in the Dhofar region due to a tropical depression that has caused disruptive flooding, and urged people to keep indoors to avoid potential perils.

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) warned of a possible heavy rainfall with high-speed winds in Dhofar that has been lashed by the tropical depression over the past few days, the Omani news agency ONA reported.

The resulting floods have stranded several people, blocked roads and caused power outages in some parts of the region.

Police evacuated a family of 10 members from their house damaged by the rain in Dhofar’s coastal city of Mirbat and transferred them to a safe shelter, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said Sunday.

Three other people were arrested after rescued for having taken the risk of endangering their lives by crossing a flooded wadi in Dhofar, ROP added.

The Omani law makes crossing the wadis under perilous circumstances an offence punishable by three months in jail and a fine of 500 Omani riyals.

At least three people were killed in rain-related incidents in Dhofar on Saturday, according to ROP.

In its latest update about the weather over Dhofar, PACA said Sunday that the latest weather chart and the analysis of the National Multi Hazards Early Warning Centre indicate that the tropical depression located over the coastal areas of Dhofar, with estimated surface wind speed around the centre between 15 and 23 knots, could move to the west in coming hours.

“The heavy rain is expected to be continuous of 100-200 mm during the next 24 hours associated with fresh to strong winds and flooding over low and coastal areas and an increase in wadi flow with a reduction in horizontal visibility,” it added in a statement.

PACA advised members of the public to shun low lying areas and avoid crossing wadis and venturing into the sea.


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