Oman: Expat Visa Ban Creates Around 64,000 Omani Jobs

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 More than 64,000 jobs have been created for Omanis in the private sector, one year since the visa ban issued by the Ministry of Manpower came into force at the end of January 2018.

The visa ban, implemented at the end of January last year, resulted in the hiring of 64,386 Omanis in private sector companies and establishments and 4,125 more in government agencies, a Times of Oman report said.

Gulf countries have been historically dependent on expatriate workers to power their economies; with a 2013 study indicating as much as 71% of Oman’s labour force are non-nationals. In Qatar, the expatriate workforce was as high as 95% while in the UAE it was 94%; 83% in Kuwait; 64% in Bahrain and 49% in Saudi Arabia.

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The Gulf states have since launched job nationalization programs to absorb more of their citizens into the labor force, as well as address high levels of unemployment.

Between December 2018 and November last year, a total of 60,807 expatriate workers have left Oman’s labour force or an equivalent 3.6% reduction in their numbers, which now stands at 1,734,882.

Source Credit: Arab News


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