Oman: Expats can renew expired ID cards from abroad

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Expatriate workers outside the country whose ID cards have expired due to the pandemic can now get them renewed, according to the Ministry of Labour.

The measure is one of many made available by the ministry, in collaboration with the Supreme Committee to deal with COVID-19, to ease the economic strains of the pandemic on companies in the country.

The resulting fines accrued due to non-renewal of these cards will also be temporarily scrapped. Recruitment licences given to companies, which have since expired during the pandemic, will also be extended, the ministry added.

Companies that require more hands to help them during this period can issue temporary work visas for non-Omani workers.Owners of multiple companies can transfer their employees between two of their organisations, if more workers are needed by one of them.

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Private establishments can also temporarily hire workers from another organisation to help them during these challenging times, provided permission is secured in the form of a written agreement between the two companies.



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