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Oman: Fees announced for five, ten-year investor visas

Registration fees for investors given special residency visas has been set at OMR500 for a 10-year visa, and at OMR300 for one that lasts five years.

Furthermore, the cost of renewing these visas – which must be done every three years – is also the same as the registration fee. Investors can also apply for visas for their spouses and/or children. The visa cost of investors for 10-year period will be OMR100 and OMR50 for a five-year commitment. These visas can also be renewed for the same price as applying for them.

The visa is valid for a period not exceeding one year, subject to extension for a similar period based on the approval of the competent authority. The visa entitles its holder to enter and reside in the country for a period not exceeding three months each time.

The age requirements will not apply to those who obtain residency through either investment or real estate. However, the residency of expatriates who own real estate in an integrated tourist complex will expire if they take any legal action to dispose of the property, or transfer the same. Accordingly, the residency of their spouse, children and relatives accompanying them shall also be terminated.


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