Oman: Four Tourist Areas Enter Lockdown from June 13

The Supreme Committee on Tuesday has decided to lock down Al Jabal Al Akhdhar (Green Mountain), Jabal Shams, Wilayat of Masirah and Dhofar Governorate to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In view of the advent of summer tourism in the Sultanate, the decision on lockdown was endorsed by the Supreme Committee.

It was also decided to prohibit any gatherings (assembling/assemblies) or tourism activities in these areas with effect from 12 noon of Saturday, June 13, 2020 till Friday, July 3, 2020. The situation will be assessed in accordance with epidemiological data for each area, separately.


Also, acting in coordination with the departments concerned in public and private sectors, the Committee decided to open up a new set of commercial and industrial activities with effect from Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

The departments concerned will announce the details of the business activities set for resumption, along with the necessary health terms and conditions for practising these activities.


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