Oman: Gang Of Expats Arrested For Electronic Fraud

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A gang of expats has been arrested on charges of electronic fraud in Al Mabailah, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has announced.

In a statement issued online, ROP said: “The Crime Department, in cooperation with the Department of Investigation led by the Muscat Governorate Police, has cracked down a gang of Asians in two different locations in the industrial area of Al Mabailah, for conducting electronic fraud.” According to the police, the defendants had entered the country on tourist visas.

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ROP said that the gang was “conducting fraudulent acts by contacting victims pretending to be bank employees, and requesting bank account details.”

“They used to send messages to citizens and residents through WhatsApp application and asked them to update their personal data through a number attached in the text message. When the victim’s response, the defendants ask him for some data, through which they will be able to access their bank accounts and withdraw all the funds available in the accounts of the victims.”

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The police also seized a number of phones used for the fraudulent acts and found papers proving bank transfers and some books that recorded the victims’


The police have called on the public not to engage with such messages, contacts or anonymous links, and to never give anyone personal data such as credit card number, PIN and bank account number.

Source: Times Of Oman


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