Oman government wants your views on No Objection Certificate (NOC)

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The Implementation Support and Follow-Up Unit (ISFU) of Oman started an initiative to raise public awareness regarding the No Objection Certificates (NOCs).

The Unit posted an infographic with a definition of the NOC, “The No Objection Certificate is a document granted by an employer for expatriates that desire to move to a different sponsorship at the end of their contract. In cases where there is disagreement, and the employee does not wish to continue at the job, he will be banned from entering the country for two years.”

Some businessmen believe that NOCs lead to restrictive movement of workers, and decreases their productivity, and therefore leads to barriers in front of businessmen with regards to attracting talents from world markets. While others see that NOCs protect trade and client secrets, and therefore the NOC is considered positive in their work,” the infographic said.

The Arabic poll has currently received 224 votes, with 45 per cent disagreeing with removing NOCs, 35 per cent agreeing with removing NOCs, and 20 per cent “not sure” votes.┬áThe English poll, on the other hand, received 70 votes, with 50 per cent supporting NOCs and 37 per cent not supporting NOCs.


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