Oman introduces fuel subsidy for low earners

No changes in Gasoline prices in Bahrain
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Oman’s government has announced plans to introduce a new fuel subsidy scheme for low earning citizens from January.

The government said the decision was aimed to protect citizens from fuel price adjustments after the Sultanate lifted fuel subsidies and linked rates to international prices last year.

Concerns that price rises were negatively impacting low earners saw the government cap M91 fuel prices at February’s 186 baisas a litre earlier this year.

At the time the government said it as exploring ways to compensate drivers for rising prices.

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The new subsidy will allow Omani citizens over the age of 18 that earn OMR600 ($1,559) a month or less to pump 200 litres of subsidised fuel every month.

This M91 petrol will provided for no more than 180 baisas per litre.

Citizens must have a vehicle registered with Royal Oman Police or a fishing boat registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The government said employees, entrepreneurs, job seekers, students, housewives, retirees and fisherman who meet the conditions could all apply on registration website

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A support mechanism for farmers will also be announced soon, according to the official Oman News Agency.

Source Credit: Gulf Business


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