Oman issues preventative measures for beauty salons

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Muscat Municipality has clarified the general controls and preventive measures for beauty centres and women’s hairdressing salons.

A statement issued online by Muscat Municipality said, “General controls and preventive measures for beauty centres and women’s hairdressing salons:

1. The capacity to receive customers should not exceed more than 50%

2. Work is limited to half the number of chairs and half the number of employees to avoid overcrowding

3. Keep a distance of two metres between service chairs

4. Replace cloth towels with disposable paper towels, and customers can be allowed to bring their own

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5. Put all plastic tools in a heat box or UVL device with the rest of the metal tools

6. Use single-use tools


7. Sterilising and cleaning the toilets periodically and regularly (allocating a cleaning worker if possible to sterilize before and after each customer’s use)

8. It is forbidden to provide food and exchange meals between female workers and clients

9. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting with sterilisers that contain 70% alcohol at all times

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10. Focus on sterilising (door handles and stairs, cash dispensers, TV and air conditioning control devices, service chairs and tables, hair and hand washing basins, shelves and cabinets)

11. Use a plastic cover for all tools, devices and materials used

12. Documenting the cleaning and disinfecting operations in the work records, stating the substance used in disinfection


13. Limiting the exchange of conversations between customers and workers, especially when providing service.”


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