Oman: Job opportunities expected to rise post-Covid

Skills in cutting-edge technology, healthcare, and those that help in self-sufficiency and economic resilience will be in demand in Oman after the COVID-19 pandemic, which will create thousands of jobs for talented Omanis and skilled expatriates.

“There is a list of jobs that we think are the jobs of the future,” said an official from the Ministry of Labour.

“There will never be fewer numbers of jobs, rather there will be new openings to serve differently,” he added. “I don’t see people gathering at a common location for work, rather, they will work from a distance. Therefore, you need to educate people to have the right skills.”

Dr. HeshamMagd, head of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the Modern College of business and science, highlighted roles across seven sectors: healthcare, IT and e-commerce, higher education, SMEs, agriculture, tourism, and hospitality.

Going further into these areas of employment, he expects there to be increased demand for educators, lawyers, risk and insurance personnel, marketing professionals, specialists in virtual reality, software developers and programmers, and more employment in tourism, hospitality, and event management.


Times of Oman
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