Oman launches first Omani-made laptop

The Omani Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) has launched the first Omani-made computer, local media reported.

The first Omani computer was designed and manufactured by Omani youngsters with the support of Sas Centre for Entrepreneurship at MTCIT. The design of the computer is in line with the latest technologies in the market with a lightweight in addition to other features such as: having an ID card reader and the possibility of converting it into a touch-enabled tablet device, as well as the option to add a mobile (nano-SIM card to connect to the Internet) via a 3G or 4G network.

It has a smart fingerprint reader and Arabic inscriptions that give a modern and authentic touch to the device.

The laptop is equipped with the latest tenth-generation Intel processors, and the laptop types were divided based on the speed of the processor with different options of storage memory and random access memory.

Al Onsor’s engineers have designed three types of computers, namely: desktop, all-in-one, and portable multi-use computer (2-in-notebook), and the company decided to start manufacturing laptops due to coronavirus pandemic conditions in the world and the institutions’ direction to work and study remotely.


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