Oman least terror-hit Arab country, says GTI survey

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Oman has topped all the Arab states as the least terror-hit. The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) ranked Oman 1st among 22 member countries of the Arab League.

The survey was issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace, which is based in Sydney, Australia.

Oman was also among the top 30 countries in the world which were not hit by terrorist attacks during 2016, according to a Shabiba newspaper report.

According to the GTI 2017 report, the number of terror-related deaths have declined this year by 13 per cent.

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The report revealed a tangible increase in the number of countries which improved their global index score.

A total of seventy-nine countries have improved their GTI score while things worsened for 58 other states.

Source Credit: Gulf Digital News

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