Oman: Ministry of Health adopts new employee evaluation system

Oman’s Ministry of Health began rolling out on Sunday the new employee evaluation system, which takes into consideration individual performances and efficiency while assigning promotions and pay rises to staff.

The adoption of the system, titled “Ejada” in Arabic, comes within the framework of Oman Vision 2040, the country’s long-term plan to boost economic diversification, create sustainable employment opportunities, and have good standards of living for all.

The Ejada system will help teams complete their annual operational plans, enhance employee affiliation, and maintain competitiveness. This system will further enhance the return on investment in human capital. Additionally, Ejada evaluates the performance of employees, defining their tasks clearly, and establishing harmony between the organisation and employees’ plans.

Other benefits brought about by the new evaluation system include increased transparency in employee roles, linking incentives and rewards to the quality of work, and easier follow-ups between employees and supervisors, particularly when it comes to performance assessments.


Times of Oman

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