Oman: Over 700 recovered in last 10 days from coronavirus

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More than 700 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 in Oman have recovered from the disease in the last 10 days, according to the government data.

Statistics shared by the Sultanate’s Government Communications Centre show that a total of 716 patients have recovered between May 2 and May 11, with the highest number of patients recovering on May 2, when 255 recovered. The total number of people in Oman who’ve recovered from the novel coronavirus stands at 1,211.

While no recoveries took place on May 3, 66 people recovered from the disease on May 4, and a further 42 on May 5. 30 locals and expats were reported to have recovered on the 6th, while the number of people who were declared recovered on the 7th shot up by 92 persons.

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More than 40 people recovered on each of the three days of 8 May (45), 9 May (43), and 10 May (49). Another spike in recoveries came on the 11th when it was reported that another 94 people were now free of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Commenting on the recovery process put into practice at healthcare institutions in the country, an official from the Ministry of Health said, “The treatment depends on the situation. Mild and moderate cases that are in stable condition are hygienically isolated and given supportive treatment according to their needs in addition to an antibiotic and an antiviral.

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“Moderate cases that are in an unstable condition and severe cases are transferred to hospitals for treatment appropriate to their condition,” he added. “Most cases are mild or moderate, in stable condition, and respond to supportive therapy.”

The latest data from the communications centre shows that 3,573 cases of infection have taken place so far, leading to 17 deaths, and 1,211 recoveries. The first two cases of coronavirus in Oman were reported on 24 February 2020, while the first death in the country was reported on 1 April. The first recovery from the disease, which was of a 28-year-old who’d been admitted into intensive care, was announced a day prior on 31 March.


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