Oman: Muscat issues guidelines for restaurant reopening

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In light of the announcement made by the Ministry of Interior to allow reopening of common lounges at restaurants in commercial centres, Muscat Municipality has listed out rules to be followed in the governorate.

A statement issued online by Muscat Municipality said :” The Preventive controls and health requirements for common lounges restaurants at the commercial centers are as follows:

  1. Capacity in these halls to not exceed 50 per cent
  2. Increase the periodicity of cleaning and disinfection with approved sanitisers at all times
  3. Document the cleaning and disinfection operations in the work records with mention of the substance used in the disinfection if possible
  4. Provide adequate sanitisers in the surroundings, which contain 70 per cent alcohol
  5. Commit to cleaning and sterilising the waiting chairs periodically and regularly and allocating a sufficient number of workers to supervise the cleaning work
  6. Set the necessary instructions for the implementation and regulation of the necessary physical distancing of 2 metres beside the seating area
  7. Ensure that enough spacing is provided between waiting chairs located in the corridors with the identification and placement of guidance posters on the ground
  8. The number of people at one table should not exceed 4
  9. Restaurants and cafes in commercial centres must abide by provisions of special controls and procedures in this regard
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