Oman: Only fully vaccinated can enter public, private offices

The deadline given to the general public to complete their vaccination ended on October 15. As per the decision of the Supreme Committee, staff and visitors to government units, private sector facilities and users of public transport will be allowed entry only if they show proof that they have completed the course of vaccine.

The Supreme Committee has urged all organisations to ensure a regulated mechanism to streamline the entry into their premises for only jabbed staff and visitors.

Currently, many organisations in Oman have already implemented the entry-only-for-vaccinated-people rule. Staff and visitors are required to show their history of COVID-19 vaccination through the Ministry of Health app, Tarassud+ on their mobile.

The Supreme Committee had announced earlier that starting from October 1, entry to public and private sector employees would not be allowed except for those who took two doses. The grace time was given to those who had yet to complete their full vaccination.

The Supreme Committee excluded employees who have health conditions that prevent them from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine if validated with the necessary medical reports or documents.


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