Oman: Over 130 Commercial Establishments Seized For Non-Compliance With Electronic Payment System

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Investment Promotion, represented by the Inspection Department, carried out several inspection campaigns on shops and filling stations to enhance preparedness for Khareef Dhofar 2024 season.

The campaigns aimed to confirm the ministry’s commitment to providing quality services to consumers and to assess the compliance of commercial and service establishments with the Ministry’s requirements. As a result of the campaign, 131 commercial establishments were issued violation reports for failing to provide an electronic payment device, as required by Ministry regulations for facilitating consumer transactions.

The Ministry’s Inspection Department visited and evaluated the service levels at several fuel stations situated along the Adam-Haima-Thumrait line, Mahout Salalah Road, and in Dhofar Governorate. A total of 59 gas stations were inspected, leading to warnings being issued to 10 stations for failing to comply with the standards and requirements established by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Investment Promotion. These regular inspections affirm adherence to approved standards, service levels, and the provision of essential requirements at these stations.

The Ministry reiterated its commitment to ongoing inspection campaigns to ensure compliance with Ministerial Resolution No. 386/2022, which mandates electronic payment services across various commercial activities. The Ministry will also continue monitoring gas stations to ensure they provide efficient and quality services to consumers.


Times Of Oman

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