Oman: Procedures shared for international arrivals

Oman Airports has shared through its social media channels the step-by-step procedures for entry to Oman for international travellers. Fully vaccinated travellers with a negative PCR test result must upload the PCR test result and the vaccine certificate with the QR code through the emusrhif app. On arrival a travel registration form (TRF) has to be presented.

For those passengers who are fully vaccinated but have not taken a pre-arrival PCR test, the requirement mandates them to undergo a PCR test on arrival to Oman. The passengers will be fitted with a wrist band to track their movement and will also have to undergo quarantine till the PCR test results are out. If the test results are negative the wrist band will have to be removed through a clinic. Positive test results entails a 10-day quarantine.

The other mandatory requirement of uploading the vaccine certificate with QR code remains the same. All passengers must necessarily register through emushrif app.

Non-vaccinated residents arriving from other countries will have to present a negative PCR test result which is a pre-requisite for boarding. They also have to undergo a mandatory institutional quarantine on arrival for seven days with a PCR test required to be taken on the eighth day. Non-vaccinated Omanis have to undergo a home quarantine, with all other steps remaining the same as above.


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