Oman Reopens Malls, Some Businesses from Today

More than 50 commercial and industrial activities will be reopened due to a decision issued by the Supreme Committee in charge to deal with COVID-19.

The Ministry of Municipalities and Regional Resources announced the commercial and industrial activities that will start operating today, Wednesday, 24th June, 2020, as follows:

Malls and commercial centres, Fish markets in Muttrah, Seeb, Sohar, Suwaiq, Qurraiyat, Ibri and Al Ashkharah, Selling fabrics and textiles, Sale of dyes and polishing materials, Sale and repair of conventional weapons, Manpower-attracting offices, Cameras and protection systems installation offices, Plastic and paper waste sale stores, Pottery trading, Used spare parts stores, Sale of doors and windows, Kitchens and their tools fairs, Companies and offices selling and maintaining escalators elevators, Construction contracting offices, Sale of accessories and artificial ornaments.

Trade of blankets and sheets, Sale of wooden and iron boxes, Shops and factories selling charcoal and fuelwood, Sale of iron and aluminum products, Real estate brokerage office, Upholstery of furniture, Sale of blacksmith and aluminum accessories, Sale of audiotapes, Building cleaning offices, Rental and sale of dresses, Metal turning shops, Ice factories, Finance offices, The manufacture of Masar, Sale and repair of musical instruments, Thermal isolation insulation offices, Vehicles seat upholstery, Sale of workshop supplies, Ink filling, Metal printing shops, Air conditioning and washing machine repair shops, Shipping and customs clearance offices, Omani Khanjar manufacturing.

Laundry shops, Sale and installation equipment of hotels, restaurants and kitchens, Salle glass shops, Advertising and Ads institutions, Selling antiques, tickets and paintings shops, Cutting used tires, Gypsum manufacturing and installation, Workshops and factories for sewing, Travel and tourism offices, Men and women sewing shops, Driving schools offices, Hospitality services companies, Family consulting offices, Opening the fields and camel tracks for the purpose of training, Glass plates shops, Financial brokerage, Manufacturing of tanks.

These commercial activities are not allowed to reopen in parts of Hamriyah, Wadi Al Kabir Industrial area, and Wilayat Muttrah, according to Muscat Municipality.


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