Oman: Residents stock up on essentials before total lockdown

People in Oman are stocking up on essentials as the country goes into a total lockdown from tomorrow until July 23.

However, with the current partial lockdown that mandates the closure of all commercial activities, as well as people and vehicular movement from 5pm till 4am, the total lockdown will start from Monday 5pm.

At 7am on Monday many supermarkets and convenience stores across the capital saw customers waiting for delivery trucks of milk and other daily provisions. As soon as the delivery trucks pulled up and unloading started, customers queued up to pick their quota.

International travellers arriving and departing Oman are exempted on showing valid travel documents during the total lockdown period. Emergency vehicles, medical staff and pharmacists are among those who are exempted from the total lockdown.


Times of Oman

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