Oman Studies Prospects Of Introducing Automated Vehicles

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The Supreme Council for Planning (SCP) is looking at the possibility of introducing self-driving vehicles in the future. This is as per a report published by the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) on the preparedness of Oman for introducing electric vehicles (EVs).

AER has published a report on ‘International best practices for EVs and recommendations as Oman prepares to support the penetration of electric vehicles’.

For short term, the report recommended that SCP, municipalities, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MoTC) and other government bodies should learn from cities and regulators elsewhere on regulations for autonomous vehicles and shared mobility services.

AER, however, said the outlook for autonomous mobility in Oman is still not clear. “Though there may be consumer demand for automated vehicles in Oman in the future, they are not yet being tested in the country. Fully automated vehicles could provide a range of potential benefits. Those who are not able to drive could have access to greater mobility.

People would be able to work, converse or watch television while traveling rather than driving,” the report said adding, “If vehicles are electric, then automation can enable them to more efficiently share charging, making more intensive utilization of charging infrastructure and lowering the cost of mobility.”

The report also warned that these (electric) vehicles could create significant costs if automation is not combined with pooling and electrification. “Because automation lowers the cost of driving and removes the need for a licensed driver in each vehicle, full automation will tend to increase congestion.”


Source Credit: Muscat Daily


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