Oman To Clamp Down On Illegal Remittances By Expats

Omani government will now track the remittances sent by expatriate workers to their families in their home countries, as it looks to clamp down on money sent outside the country by foreign workers who are here illegally.

These workers normally send money home either through friends or extended members of their families who also stay in the country. Now, a special committee has been set up by the Ministry of Manpower, with assistance from the Central Bank of Oman, the Sultanate’s financial regulatory body, to stop this.

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Salim Al Badi, the Director General of Labour Welfare at the Ministry of Manpower, said, “The illegal workers get help from either their friends or citizens, who in turn send money to their family back home under their names. This way of remitting money is illegal and makes it hard to track them. However, the Central Bank of Oman is going to be vigilant in this matter, as a committee has been formed to deal with this issue.”

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Al Badi was speaking to Oman TV, the Sultanate’s national broadcaster, and added that violations of the country’s labour laws were among the main reasons behind the arrests of those expats who were held by the authorities.

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